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Our Story

In 2004, God gave Jural Toby a dream about feeding his people. In the dream, the name Harvest of Blessing was given. She is guided by her faith and the teachings of Jesus and a message from God, began feeding the hungry in the city of York, PA (assisted at that time by only her husband and children).  She ran her ministry and fed people out of the back of her car while still working as a school bus driver. In time, churches did offer their spaces and a storefront, which she outgrew and was offered a vacant building space by York County Food Bank to rent in October 2021.  

​In a short time, her work expanded because those in need were so great. Since then, her non-profit, called Harvest of Blessing, has grown from feeding a few to now serving nearly 9,000 families a month.

Mrs. Toby, a native of York, PA, grew up as a child on welfare in the Codorus projects southwest of downtown, which explains her compassion for those in need. She is a true example of giving back to her community.

​Harvest of Blessing does not question anyone’s situation. If you are in need of food and clothing, they are always willing to help.

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